Tiffany Studios’ Techniques: Inspiration for Todays Artists
Edith Crouch

Art Nouveau Architecture
edited by Frank Russell

Catalog of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork

Drawn from  Nature: The Botanical Art of Joseph Prestele and His Sons

The Fine Art of the Tin Can
Bobby Hansson

Fold Forming
Brian Lewton-Brain

Practical Blacksmithing
Ed. M.T. Richardson
out of print

Edge of the Anvil
Jack Andrews
hard copy $100

Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, Techniques and Inspiration
Ed. Dona Z. Meilach

The Art Nouveau Style
Ed. Robert Waddell

Metal Design International 1999
Ed. Peter Elias
out of print

Towards a New Iron Age: Victoria and Albert Museum 1982

Japanese Patinas
Eitoku Sugimori

A Recuperative Gas Fired Forge Furnace
Robb Gunter, Karl Schuler, Ron Ward

Early Iron Ware
Elmer Smith

Iron Menagerie
Guild of Metalsmiths
out of print

New Orleans Decorative ironwork
Rebers Inc.

Early American Wrought Iron
Albert H. Sonn

The Steel Square
Fred Hodgson

Chasing: Ancient Metal Working Technique with Modern Applications
Marcia Lewis

The Lure of the Lock
Albert A. Hopkins

Non Technical Chats open Iron and Steel
LaVerne W. Spring

Sundials: Their Theory and Construction
Albert E. Waugh

The Principles of Horseshoeing
Doug Butler
hard cover $40